The Advanced Signal Processing Group (GTAS, in Spanish) is part of the Communications Engineering Department of the University of Cantabria. It is located at the E.T.S.I. Industriales y Telecomunicaciones, Avda Los Castros s/n. Santander 39005, SPAIN.

The GTAS conducts research in the development of digital signal processing algorithms for communications, as well as in machine-learning techniques and nonlinear modeling. Currently, the research activity of the GTAS is focused on the following topics:

  • Signal processing techniques for MIMO communication links.
    • CSI (Channel State Information) estimation techniques, synchronization, detection techniques,...
    • Capacity analysis of MIMO links.
    • Development of hardware MIMO testbeds and performance evaluation.
  • Machine-learning techniques and their applications.
    • Kernel methods, neural networks and adaptive information processing systems.
    • Multivariate statistical techniques: PCA, CCA and ICA.
    • Nonlinear modeling.



Paper accepted in IEEE Trans. on Information Theory

D. Ramirez, J. Via, I. Santamaria, L. L. Scharf, "Locally Most Powerful Invariant Tests for Correlation and Sphericity of Gaussian Vectors," to be published in IEEE Trans. on Information Theory, 2013.

2012 IEEE Signal Processing Society Young Author Best Paper Award

David Ramirez, a former GTAS member now at Paderborn University has been selected for the 2012 SPS Young Author Best Paper Award

New paper submitted to IEEE Trans. on Wireless Communications

C. Lameiro, O. González, J. A. García Naya, I. Santamaría, L. Castedo, "Experimental evaluation of spatial interference alignment for broadband WLAN systems," submitted to IEEE Trans. on Wireless Communications, Dec. 2012.

New paper submitted to ICC 2013

C. Lameiro, I. Santamaría, "Degrees-of-Freedom for the 4-User SISO Interference Channel with Improper Signaling," submitted to ICC 2013


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