Paper to be presented at WCNC 2018

The paper "Performance analysis of maximally improper signaling for multiple-antenna systems", by C. Lameiro, I. Santamaria, and P. J. Schreier, will be presented at the IEEE Wireless Communications and Networking Conference, April 2018, Barcelona, Spain

Abstract. The transmission of improper Gaussian signals, instead of the conventional proper ones, has been shown to improve the performance in interference-limited networks. In this work we analyze the performance of a multiple-antenna user that transmits maximally improper signals and whose transmit covariance matrix satisfies a set of constraints that limit the harmfulness of the interference caused by this user. As opposed to the single antenna case, there are different possible improper spatial signatures, which provide different performance. We first obtain new results for maximally improper random vectors based on majorization theory. We then apply these results to derive the improper spatial signatures that either maximize or minimize the performance. Numerical examples show that the performance difference between these two extreme cases can be surprisingly large.