3 papers accepted at ICASSP 2018

3 papers co-authored by GTAS members will be presented at ICASSP 2018, to be held in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, 15–20 April 2018.

  • S. Van Vaerenbergh, I. Santamaría, V. Elvira, and M. Salvatori, "Pattern Localization in Time Series through Signal-To-Model Alignment in Latent Space".
  • J. Pérez and I. Santamaría, "Advanced Adaptive Clustering Algorithm for Cooperative Spectrum Sensing in Mobile Environments"
  • D. Ramírez, D. Romero, J. Vía, R. López-Valcarce and I. Santamaría, "Locally Optimal Invariant Detector for Testing Equality of Two Power Spectral Densities"