Determination of conjugation rates on solid surfaces

TitleDetermination of conjugation rates on solid surfaces
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsI. del Campo, R. Ruiz, A. Cuevas, C. Revilla, L. Vielva, and F. de la Cruz
Month PublishedMarch
AbstractA cytometric method for the estimation of end-point conjugation rates is developed and adapted to surface conjugation. This method improves the through-put of conjugation assays based on replica-plating and results in less noisy experimental data. Although conjugation on solid surfaces deviates from ideal conditions in which cells are continuously mixed, results show that, within the limits of high initial population densities and short mating times, end-point estimates of the conjugation rates are robust measurements. They are independent of the donor/recipient ratios and, to some extent, of the sampling time. Remixing the mating population in the course of a conjugation experiment results in a boost in the frequency of transconjugants.