Kernel Adaptive Filtering: Which Technique to Choose in Practice

TitleKernel Adaptive Filtering: Which Technique to Choose in Practice
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsS. Van Vaerenbergh, and I. Santamaría
Conference NameInternational Workshop on Advances in Regularization, Optimization, Kernel Methods and Support Vector Machines: theory and applications (ROKS 2013)
Month PublishedJuly
ISBN Number978-94-6018-700-1
Keywordskernel adaptive filtering
AbstractThe field of kernel adaptive filtering has produced a myriad of techniques throughout the past decade. While each algorithm provides some advantages over others in certain scenarios, it is often not clear which technique should be used on a practical problem, in which specific restrictions are in place. We propose a set of empirical performance measures and we provide a framework that can be used to decide which algorithm to use in practice. We include results on several benchmark data sets.
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