Mobile Real Time TV Via Satellite Systems (MOBILITY)

Funded by: 
European Commission, (IST-2000-25096)

The basic goal of the MOBILITY project was to provide real-time TV broadcasting services to ships via satellite. A mobile DVB-S receiver was designed and developed. It consisted of three main parts: a high-gain broadband antenna, a pointing antenna mechanism will allow the terminal to track the GEO satellite regardless of the ship movement, and a set of sensors to adquire the information about the ship motion. The project included field trials where the receiver was sucesfully tested in a real maritime scenario. The receiver was installed during 45 days in the Juan J. Sister ship of Compania Trasmediterranea, which cover the route between Cadiz and Las Palmas (Canary Islands). The system was working during 2 round trips (each round trip = 8 days), and successfully results were achieved receiving the transmission of VIA DIGITAL from a HISPAST satellite.

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