Digital Modem for PowerLine Communications (PLC)

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In this project we developed a digital modem for communications through low power electric lines, specifically in the CENELEC A band (9-95kHz), with application to remote control and billing. During the project the particular characteristics of this transmission channel were studied (low SNR, impulsive noise, impedance variations, ...). Also the influence of these impairments in the parameters of the designed modem (shaping filter, oversampling ratio, synchronism, ...). The final product fulfills the norm CENELEC EN 50065-1 and uses a differential BPSK Direct-Sequence Spread-Spectrum (DS-SS) modulation. The modem has an adjustable transmission rate between 1260 y 5580 bps. In several field trials the developed modem outperformed other commercial products available in the market.

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