Development of WLAN networks for surveillance systems and multimedia communications

Funded by: 
FEDER/CICYT, (1FD97-1066-C02-01)

In this project we developed hardware components for a WLAN network based on industrial PCs and specifically designed for surveillance and access control systems. A Plug and Play WLAN 802.11 card based on the ISA bus was developed using the architecture provided by Intersil-AMD and known as PRISM. PRISM supports the PHY and MAC layers of the IEEE 802.11a standard. Working at the ISM band (2.412 -2.4835 GHz) this architecture provides a chipset that performs the DS-spread spectrum baseband modulation, I/Q modulation and demodulation, mixing, low noise amplification and all the operation of the PHY and MAC layers. Moreover some software configuration tools, as well as the image and processing libraries were also programmed.

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