Paper accepted at WSA 2014

C. Lameiro, I. Santamaría, and W. Utschick, "Spatial Shaping and Precoding Design for Underlay MIMO Interference Channels," to be presented at the 18th ITG Workshop on Smart Antennas (WSA), Erlangen, Germany, March 2014


I. Santamaria will organize, jointly with E. Riegler (from TU Wien), the 3rd Workshop on Physics-Inspired Paradigms in Wireless Communications and Networks, (PHYSCOMNET 2014), May 16, 2014, Hammamet, Tunisia.

Book chapter contribution in "Chaotic Signals In Digital Communications", CRC Press, 2013

D. Luengo, I. Santamaría, "Asymptotically optimal estimators for chaotic digital communications," Chapter 11 in Chaotic Signals In Digital Communications, Marcio Eisencraft, Romix Attus and Ricardo Suyama (Editors), CRC Press, 2013

Paper accepted in Signal Processing

J. Manco-Vásquez, M. Lázaro-Gredilla, D. Ramírez, J. Vía, I. Santamaría, "A Bayesian Approach for Adaptive Multiantenna Sensing in Cognitive Radio Networks," to be published in Signal Processing, 2014

Paper accepted in Signal Processing

D. Ramirez, P. J. Schreier, J. Via, I. Santamaria, "Testing Blind Separability of Complex Gaussian Mixtures," to be published in Signal Processing 2013.

PhD Defense

Jesús Gutiérrez, a PhD candidate of the GTAS group, will be presenting and defending his doctoral dissertation entitled "Measurement, Characterization and Emulation of Wideband MIMO Channels" on July 30th, 2013.

Paper accepted at DSP/SPE 2013

S. Van Vaerenbergh, and I. Santamaría, "A Comparative Study of Kernel Adaptive Filtering Algorithms", accepted at 2013 IEEE Digital Signal Processing (DSP) Workshop and IEEE Signal Processing Education (SPE), 2013.


Paper accepted at ISIT 2013

Ó. González, I. Santamaría, C. Beltrán, "Finding the Number of Feasible Solutions for Linear Interference Alignment Problems," IEEE Int. Symposium on Information Theory, Istanbul, July 2013.

5 papers accepted at ICASSP 2013

5 papers co-authored by members of the GTAS have been accepted for presentation at ICASSP 2013 in Vancouver, May 26 - 31. Full list of accepted papers.

Paper accepted in IEEE Trans. on Information Theory

D. Ramirez, J. Via, I. Santamaria, L. L. Scharf, "Locally Most Powerful Invariant Tests for Correlation and Sphericity of Gaussian Vectors," to be published in IEEE Trans. on Information Theory, 2013.

2012 IEEE Signal Processing Society Young Author Best Paper Award

David Ramirez, a former GTAS member now at Paderborn University has been selected for the 2012 SPS Young Author Best Paper Award

New paper submitted to IEEE Trans. on Wireless Communications

C. Lameiro, O. González, J. A. García Naya, I. Santamaría, L. Castedo, "Experimental evaluation of spatial interference alignment for broadband WLAN systems," submitted to IEEE Trans. on Wireless Communications, Dec. 2012.

New paper submitted to ICC 2013

C. Lameiro, I. Santamaría, "Degrees-of-Freedom for the 4-User SISO Interference Channel with Improper Signaling," submitted to ICC 2013


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