Paper published in IEEE Communications Magazine

The paper "Interference Alignment Testbeds", co-authored by C. M. Yetis, J. Fanjul, J. A. Garcia-Naya, N. N. Moghadam and H. Farhadi, has been published in IEEE Communications Magazine.

J. Fanjul is pursuing his PhD in the GTAS group. His research topic is focused on Interference Management Techniques for Heterogeneous Networks.

Abstract: Interference alignment has triggered high impact research in wireless communications since it was proposed nearly 10 years ago. However, the vast majority of research is centered on the theory of interference alignment and is hardly feasible in view of the existing state-of-the-art wireless technologies. Although several research groups have assessed the feasibility of interference alignment via testbed measurements in realistic environments, the experimental evaluation of interference alignment is still in its infancy since most of the experiments were limited to simpler scenarios and configurations. This article summarizes the practical limitations of experimentally evaluating interference alignment, provides an overview of the available interference alignment testbed implementations, including the costs, and highlights the imperatives for succeeding interference alignment testbed implementations. Finally, the article explores future research directions on the applications of interference alignment in the next generation wireless systems.